Unfinished Business – Giant Tarpon with TGC in West Africa.

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Author David Reverdito – courtesy of Fly Life
“My personal best that week was an estimated 180 lb tarpon that gave me the hardest fight of my fishing life” David Reverdito

David joined his good friend Mark Weeks in Gabon to wrestle with some monster Tarpon. Both accomplished fly fishermen, they had a terrific week!

“Compared to my Keys experiences, these fish definitely weren’t shy, and they were hungry. Since they are implosion feeders with huge bucket mouths, tarpon don’t chase their prey too fast, but rely on the massive suction generated by them opening their mouths. Thus, your retrieve would get interrupted by a loss of tension followed a split second later by massive weight and an airborne tarpon.”

Excerpt from David Reverdito, Fly Life.

Article from Flylife.com.au